Software Design & Development

At Keyreal Technologies, we believe in solving day to day problems via technology. Our dedicated team is involved in carrying out hypothesis tests, developing state-of-the art systems that are tailor made to suit our customers needs. The systems vary both in depth and functionality. We believe there is a solution to every shortcoming out there and we always strive to arrive at the best solution.


We collect necessary data and do the analysis to provide you with the best probable solution to your problem. Sometimes, the business managers may not see the problem; we believe that a programmers job is to solve problems that you didn't even realize existed.

Design & Development

Our systems are easy to install, learn and use. We believe that a good system should not only be reliable and secure but also easy to use. In addition all our systems have a user friendly graphical user interface and a well illustrated user manual.


Most of our systems run on all major operating systems; Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu / Linux. Depending on the customer's needs, our system may run on a single terminal or on a large network. Our system come bundled with an installation manual .

Maintenance & Repair

As your business grows, more and more tasks need to be automated, the workload increases and there comes an opportunity to expand; we evaluate the current system and provide a solution(s) for upgrade.

Security & Quality Testing

One of the major concerns in organizations is the security of their data. A good system has to be accurate and secure. We carry out security test on the current system and give recommendations to seal any loopholes.

User Training

One of the greatest challenges that face organizations while automating tasks is rebellion from the users of the system mainly due to lack of command over the system. The best solution is to have an expert train them.

Why choose us?

Our team is dedicated to help you in every step of your business. We carry out research, provide solutions and train the employees. We also carry out post-installation analysis to make sure that the system meets it's expectations. We provide the best support system and our prices are very competitive.

Our systems are:

  • Fast & Reliable.
  • Easy to use / user friendly
  • Secure & Robust.
  • Scalable
  • Platform independent
  • 100% Custom-made

The need to automate tasks in today's business environment keeps growing; the competition, the need for accuracy, integrity, speed, efficiency... From small enterprises to huge organizations and factories the use of technology is without doubt the best solution. We develop user-tailored systems to solve each and every problem in your organization, from automating simple tasks to managing machines and employees. Our systems make use of current technologies such as WiFi and are 100% compatible with all major operating systems.


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